The Works

$1,200 (full day is 10-15hrs with album(s) Editing and Printing Images

After receiving the master edits, black and white and sepia images from your special day we can assemble a beautiful album to honour the moments you shared with friends and family.

The album can be hard cover or soft cover and the covers can range from photo finish, book jacket, linen or leather.

The number of pages and size of the book can range from 20 page mini soft cover momento book (3.5in x 3in) that you’ll want to make maximum 10 copies of.

All the way up to one hard cover book (11in x 15in) with 40 pages that has a photo finsh cover.

Approximately 80-200 pics can make the album depending on the size and type of album chosen.

The creation of your album will be done with the photos that you choose and will take up to two weeks after the images and type of album have been chosen to reach your door.


$600 (half day is 5-8hrs with master edits, black and white, and sepia)

Providing Images in Digital Format
I will photograph in digital format using Nikon D300 Series DSLR cameras and lenses, capturing images and themes as agreed upon (approximately 600 images).

I will provide the digital images (approximately 600 lightly edited images) on a USB device or image sharing software (Drop Box, SkyDrive) and these master images will become the property of the Client.

These images will be provided to the Client onto a USB device or web sharing software no later than 7 days after of the event.



$200 per hour for head-shot or couple session.

Digital files only.